A range of dependable, consistent childcare services for families with young children and babies

Polkadot nannies and sitters has a portfolio of professional childcare services that are designed to make life easier for families with young children and babies who need high quality support in and around the home.

Please read the following job descriptions for our nannies, mothers’ helps and babysitters for guidance on the childcare service that meets your requirements.


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The role of a nanny:

A nanny is responsible for looking after children in their own home and is expected to engage the children in stimulating activities and carry out nursery duties, such as cooking nutritional meals, keeping the children’s rooms clean and washing their clothes. The nanny will generally have sole charge of the child/children, sharing care with the parents on occasion. If you require more domestic cleaning to be carried out then we can help you find a nanny/housekeeper who would do all the roles of a nanny but with


household chores, family cooking and laundry etc included. A nanny can live in  or live out depending on your preference.

The role of a mothers’ help:

A mothers’ help works alongside the mother/father, helping her/him to run the house an

d care for the children. He/she is generally not given sole charge of the children for long periods of time but is there to support you in and around your home. As well as childcare mothers’ helps can assist you with chores and errands and can provide that extra pair of hands you need. Many childcarers use this role as a stepping stone in between nursery work and sole charge nanny work as it gives them valuable experience of working with children in their home environment.

The role of a babysitter:

A babysitter is responsible for looking after children in their own home, normally the babysitter works in the evening whilst the parents are out. The babysitter will put the children to bed and care for them for the night. Usually a babysitter would arrive at your home after the children have had their dinner and bathtime, however if you need temporary or emergency childcare for one day up to 13 weeks Polkadot nannies and sitters also provide a bespoke adhoc nanny and mothers’ help service



The role of a holiday nanny:

A holiday nanny travels with the family and helps care for the children, engaging them in activities throughout the day as

well as helping with mealtimes, bath and bedtime routine feeding and dressing etc. A holiday nanny will also be on hand to babysit for the children if  the parents wish to go out. Many families ask their nanny to accompany them as part of their contract but if you just need that extra pair of hands on your next holiday please get in touch.

The role of a temporary nanny / mothers’ help:

A temporary nanny/mothers’ help  is responsible  for looking after children in their own home and is expected to engage the children in stimulating activities and carry out nursery duties, such as cooking nutritional meals, keep the children’s rooms clean and washing their clothes. The same role would be expected as that of a permanent sole charge nanny. This service has proven to be very useful in such cases as a families nanny taking unexpected absence from work to a Mum needing an afternoon without the children to go Christmas shopping. We can provide a temporary nanny/mothers’ help at short notice or if you have a set of future dates in the diary let us know, this is a bespoke service aimed at suiting your needs – please get in touch to find out more.

Salary guidelines for nannies and other childcare professionals

Please find below some salary guidelines that you may find useful; all salaries are quoted net of tax and National Insurance which will also need to be paid. For more details on this, please contact the Inland Revenue Helpline on 0845 607 0143 and, for further information on tax, contact Parental Choice.

Nanny salary guidelines

Live-in salaries –  £350-£450 per week

Full-time salaries –  £400-£500 per week

Part-time salaries –  £10.00-£12.50 per hour

Mothers’ helps salary guidelines

Live-in salaries –   £200-£300 per week

Full-time salaries –   £300-£350 per week

Part-time salaries –   £9-£10 per hour


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Common Concerns

What if I don’t like any of the candidates you send me?
You can stop the process at any time and are under no obligation to pay us a single penny unless after interviewing the candidates sent through us you decide to offer one of them the job. If you are happy for us to we will continue to work alongside you to help you find the right fit for your family.

So I’ve interviewed a number of nannies and decided on one which is a perfect match for my family. What now?
Now we’ve helped you find the perfect match for your family, we can assist you with the final stages in employing a nanny. Polkadot nannies and sitters works alongside Parental Choice who offer bespoke contracts and payroll services, speak to us today to find out more. We are always on hand for any help or advice needed at any stage.

I need help but I’m not sure it’s enough hours for someone.
Polkadot nannies and sitters offer a tailor made childcare service, so whether you are looking for someone on a temporary or permanent basis, for one hour per week to 60 hours per week we can help you and if we can’t you don’t pay us a penny.

Are your fees annual or a one off payment?
Our permanent and temporary fees are all one off payments. Our fees are based per placement, so there would only need to be an additional payment/fee if the job role was to change i.e. at first you need a nanny 10 hours per week and one year on this role changes to a 30 hour per week contract or if you wished to use our services again in the future.

How do I know who will be a good fit for my family?
At the start of the process it is important to have a very clear vision of what type of nanny you are looking for. If you are not sure about this, we offer an informal face to face chat with all of our clients to help establish this. Are you happy for the nanny to take the children to the zoo or would you prefer the children to stay in and around your home day to day? What additional duties are included in the role? Are all important factors to take into consideration. The clearer you are about these the better your chances will be of recognising the right nanny for you and the easier it will be for us to identify the right type of candidates to send.

Explain what processes you use to screen your nannies.
Our process is very important in helping us determine whether or not the nannies we are interviewing are suitable to be put forward to families. We only take candidates who have a childcare qualification and/or at least 3 years paid experience working with children. If they have this we invite them for an interview with us, it’s here where we really get to know each nanny and what type of position they are looking for. We check all of their documents and take details for their references. If there are any further checks needed we will give them the relevant form/contact details to do this. Once we are satisfied with all of the checks we have made we make a profile for the candidate which snapshots all of the important information to send to the families.

Why do nannies work in net and not gross figures?
Nannies like to see how much they will be taking home at the end of every month, however it is important to bear in mind the additional costs when thinking of employing a nanny… nannies net (take home) pay + nannies tax and national insurance = nannies gross pay + employers national insurance contribution = total cost to the employer. We can help you work out net to gross salaries or can pass you on to Parental Choice who can assist you with setting up the correct payroll system.

Can I speak to each candidates references myself?
We always take up references for each candidate, however if you wish to speak to a candidates previous employers we can arrange this for you.

If you have any other questions you would like answered we would be happy to help.

More information for families and nannies

If you have a requirement for a professional, experienced nanny, mothers’ help, babysitter or temporary childcare please read our detailed childcare information for families, or contact us to talk to Clare about your exact needs.

If you’re interested in becoming a nanny, mothers’ help or babysitter, read our detailed information for nannies and contact us for more advice on this very rewarding career and information about our current vacancies.


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