Information for professional nannies

Polkadot nannies and sitters sources, recruits and places the finest, most highly qualified nannies with families with babies and young children. Our standards are exceptionally high, so please read this information carefully and contact us if you would like to talk to us in more detail about your family search.

The reasons why nannies trust Polkadot nannies and sitters

  • It’s completely free to register as a nanny, mothers’ help or maternity nurse with Polkadot nannies and sitters
  • We offer sound advice on conditions of employment, e.g. duties, holidays, sickness, contracts and salaries
  • We have a range of professional childcare options available to nannies looking for work with families with babies and young children and you can read all the details including the associated responsibilities on our services page.
  • We’ve also included some useful what’s next tips and advice for nannies, some recommended interview questions and information about salary guidelines and current vacancies to help you plan your next move.

What’s next and tips for interviews

Once we have identified you as an ideal candidate for a family, the next step is for us to interview you; please bring originals and photocopies of the following documents to your interview.

  • All childcare qualifications, including first aid, most recent DBS (formally CRB) check, etc.
  • At least two references with contact details
  • Your current driving licence (card) plus your driving licence number, National Insurance number and postcode on your driving licence (in order to check for any endorsements)
  • Your birth certificate and passport (and visa documents if applicable)
  • Your marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Your P45/P60 or a suitable document showing National Insurance number
  • A document that includes your current address, e.g. a recent bank statement
  • Ofsted certificate and nanny insurance ( if registered)
  • One headshot photo

After the registration interview has taken place, the next stage will be an interview with the family; here are some tips to maximise your chances of a successful interview:

  • Remember to take contact information and address with you and details of the job that Polkadot is helping you to secure
  • Leave plenty of time to get there and plan your route so you know where you’re going – allow extra time for traffic!
  • It’s important to dress appropriately and behave professionally throughout your interview; greet parents with a handshake and a smile
  • Take original childcare certificates with you
  • Take evidence of other courses or relevant childcare-related training with you
  • Take a copy of your up-to-date CV
  • Take original identification, e.g. your driving licence, passport, etc.

Suggested questions to ask the family during an interview

As much as an interview is for the family to find out about you, it’s also an opportunity for you to find out about the family and what the job may involve. Here are some questions that may be helpful:

Questions regarding the job

  • What will my duties be? For example, childcare duties, light housework, ironing, etc.
  • What hours will be required?
  • Will there be any need for extra babysitting? How much will I be paid for this?
  • When is the start date?
  • For a live-in role, what accommodation is there? May I see it? What are the house rules, e.g. can I have visitors, are meals provided?
  • Will a car be provided? If I’m required to use my own car, how many pence per mile will I be paid?
  • Have you employed any previous nannies?
  • How many weeks holiday per year are given? Are there any restrictions, e.g. no holidays during a certain time of year, the length of a holiday taken off at one time?

Questions regarding the family and children

  • Will the day-to-day activities of the children be left up to me or you?
  • Would you prefer the children to be taken out or to mainly stay at home?
  • What are the children’s favourite activities?
  • Do the children have any allergies/dietary requirements I should be made aware of?
  • Are there any foods in particular that your children enjoy eating?
  • Are there any family pets that I’ll need to look after?

Salary guidelines for nannies and other childcare professionals

Please find below some salary guidelines that you may find useful; all salaries are quoted net of tax and National Insurance which will also need to be paid by your employer family. For more details on this, please contact the Inland Revenue Helpline on 0845 607 0143 and, for further information on tax, contact Parental Choice.

Nanny salary guidelines

Live-in salaries £350-£450 per week

Full-time salaries £400-£500 per week

Part-time salaries £10.00-£12.50 per hour

Mothers’ helps salary guidelines

Live-in salaries £200-£300 per week

Full-time salaries £300-£350 per week

Part-time salaries £9 – £10 per hour

Babysitters salary offered

Monday to Sunday £8 per hour

After midnight £9 per hour

*special occasion priced on negotiation

**hotel babysitting £10 per hour

Current vacancies for nannies, mothers’ helps and babysitters

Please see our vacancies page for all of our current jobs: if you’re interested in any of these, please contact us.


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