Professional childcare information for families

Polkadot nannies and sitters has an overriding aim to provide families with the finest, most highly qualified nannies and exceptional childcare through the most personal service possible.

The reasons why families rely on Polkadot nannies and sitters:

  • We offer expert advice on conditions of employment, e.g. duties, holidays, sickness, contracts and salaries
  • We provide ongoing support to families and we’re always here to give advice when it’s needed
  • We personally interview every candidate, we check all qualifications, ID and DBS (formally CRB) thoroughly to ensure all our candidates are of the highest calibre
  • We have a range of professional childcare options available to families with babies and young children and you can read all the details including the associated responsibilities on our services page.
  • We’ve also included some useful tips and advice for families, some recommended interview questions and information about Parental Choice, salary guidelines and a tax calculator to make life easier.


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Tips and advice for families with childcare requirements


When recruiting a nanny, it’s important to update your home insurance to ensure the employee is covered in the event of an accident in your home. You also need to ensure that your nanny is listed on your car insurance policy or if using their own car has the relevant business insurance.


You’re required to pay tax and National Insurance on your nanny’s earnings.For more details, please contact the Inland Revenue Helpline on 0845 607 0143 and, for further information on payroll please see additional services page.

Maternity Rights

For your nanny to qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay they should have been employed by you for at least nine months prior to the baby’s due date. For the latest rates please visit


Within the next 5 years all UK employers will be required to enrol their employees into a qualifying pension scheme and contribute to it. For all the latest news on this please visit

Suggested questions to ask a nanny in an interview

The nanny should bring several documents to the interview, including original childcare certificates, certificates or evidence of other childcare training and courses, a copy of their up-to-date CV and original identification, i.e. a driving licence, passport, etc.

When we’ve identified the ideal candidate for you and your family, the next stage is for you to conduct an interview, we’ve listed some suggested questions that you can ask during your meeting:

  • How would you keep the child/children occupied on a day-to-day basis?
  • Why did you choose to become a nanny?
  • What is your current role and why are you leaving?
  • Can you cook? What meals would you cook for the children?
  • What household tasks would you be happy to perform, i.e. nursery duties only, light housework, etc?
  • Do you have a car and would you be happy to use it for work?
  • How do you see your role in disciplining the child/children?
  • What is your current notice period and when would you be available to start work?
  • What salary are you expecting?