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Polkadot nannies and sitters is the first choice for hardworking families across the south of England who depend on professional, highly qualified nannies, mothers’ helps and babysitters to help care for their babies and young children and take away some of the stress associated with bringing up a young family. You can read our satisfied clients testimonials about our nannies to see why our nanny service is so successful.



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Providing a trustworthy dependable babysitting service.

The finest, full-time and part-time nannies available

Our standards are renowned as being incredibly high and we’re proud that our clients continue to rely on Polkadot nannies and sitters to match their families with the finest, full-time and part-time nannies available, who are placed with them on both a live in and live out, temporary and permanent basis. Find out more about the childcare options available to our families.

Matching our families with professional, highly qualified nannies, mothers’ helps and babysitters

We take our responsibility very seriously and only offer the most professional and highly qualified nannies, mothers’ helps and babysitters after a thorough interviewing and referencing process.

We offer a wide range of services for families with babies and young children that come with varying degrees of responsibility and include childcare options such as full-time and part-time, live in and live out, temporary and permanent parental support.

Our professional nannies, mothers’ helps and babysitters are available for families throughout Hampshire and Dorset.

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Polkadot nannies and sitters. A professional, reliable and thoroughly dependable nanny service for families and children across the south of England.

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Our process

Step 1

We recommend a visit to you in the comfort of your own home, to find out what you are looking for and when you need someone to start, whether that’s a long-term full-time nanny/mothers’ help or a temporary nanny/mothers’ help. You’ll be able to tell us exactly what’s important to you and your family and what requirements are needed.
*(this consultation can also been carried out over the telephone if preferred)

Step 2

We advertise using various methods to attract professional, highly qualified nannies. We shortlist the applicants, obtain verbal and written references, check all relevant documents and conduct initial interviews. Suitable candidates that satisfy our criteria and match your requirements are then passed onto you to decide who you’d like to interview.

Step 3

We suggest that families interview all applicants they feel appropriate for their position. If the first interview goes well, we would recommend inviting the nanny for a taster hour to meet the children.

Step 4

Once you’ve selected your perfect nanny/mothers’ help, we can help you get everything in place from contracts to payroll. We’ll keep in touch and are always available if you need us for anything else.